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reflection of the obvious
my work

From the self-portrayal of people on social media to political developments in the now
my paintings are a reflection. They record the essence. Pop brutal.
Whereby the motives are cruel and tragic in depth.

This brokenness is reflected in the content of my work throughout.

They should speak to and attract the viewer superficially,
to confront in depth and to make you think.

The motives are critically diverse. So is the process of creation.
In addition to the depicted topic, I work digitally and process the images structurally in such a way that
deep down they look like paintings on canvas.

This subliminally tells a social debate with a
omnipresent problem: "What is still real?"

What translates into fake news, avatars, digital filters and editing of images in the context of social media and
reflects self-portrayals and their pathological effects on the individual.

Primarily beautiful, they are meant to create a universal level to draw viewers together,
to create a positive level through community to exchange critical topics.
Instead of creating distance through differences.

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