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In contemporary society, there has been a significant shift in the acceptance of discussing mental health issues like depression,

anxiety and often resulting in substance misuse.

Conversations that were once taboo are now finding a place in public discourse, signaling progress in our collective try of understanding these conditions.However, despite this encouraging trend, there remains a fundamental challenge:
the difficulty in truly empathizing with those who battle these internal struggles.

Depression and anxiety are not merely rational processes; they are deeply visceral and profoundly emotional experiences. Understanding these conditions goes beyond acknowledging and discussing their existence; I think it requires the ability to, or at least the try, to “feel” what individuals enduring these illnesses undergo daily.

“A PLACE BEYOND THE NOISE" is a film centered around a character named Lea, and it seeks to bridge this gap.
It serves as an attempt to capture the intricate and often indescribable emotional landscape of someone battling these conditions. The movie employs a unique visual language, combining cinematography, music, and color schemes to create an immersive experience that hopefully allows viewers to glimpse the inner turmoil of the protagonist.

By following Lea's journey, the film endeavors to convey the depth of depression and anxiety in a way that mere words often fail to express. It's an invitation for the audience to witness, albeit vicariously, the tumultuous reality of someone grappling with these conditions.

She is portrayed as someone who grapples with the isolating effects of depression and anxiety. To cope with these internal struggles, she overuses alcohol as a tool to feel more "normal" and social media as her sole avenue for social interaction, inadvertently exacerbating her sense of isolation.

The ultimate goal is to foster a more profound understanding of depression and anxiety. By presenting these experiences in a palpable, evocative manner, it's hoped that more people will develop a heightened sense of empathy and comprehension regarding the challenges faced by those living with these conditions.

The film should serve as a poignant reminder that while discussions about mental health are crucial, they must go beyond dialogue; they necessitate an earnest effort to comprehend and truly “feel” the experiences of those affected. Through such endeavors, a more compassionate and supportive understanding can emerge, providing solace and understanding to those battling these silent yet profoundly impactful struggles.

To reflect the inner state of the protagonist, the movie is shot in a handheld manner. This also reflects in the colors and the soundtrack.
There are no dialogues.

It has a DIGITAL Ultra Panavision 70mm format that enables a greater isolation of the character through the frame composition.

Runtime is 33 minutes.

It is MG´s directorial debut.

Lena Fleddermann
as Lea

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Written and directed, Diector of Photography, Lighting, Music and Sound Design, Grading, Cut, Production
by MG

Ich bin ein Absatz. Klicken Sie hier, um Ihren eigenen Text hinzuzufügen und mich zu bearbeiten. Es ist einfach. Klicken Sie einfach auf „Text bearbeiten“ oder doppelklicken Sie auf mich, um Ihren eigenen Inhalt hinzuzufügen und Änderungen an der Schriftart vorzunehmen. Fühlen Sie sich frei, mich per Drag & Drop an eine beliebige Stelle auf Ihrer Seite zu ziehen. Ich bin ein großartiger Ort für Sie, um eine Geschichte zu erzählen und Ihre Benutzer ein wenig mehr über Sie wissen zu lassen.


Lena Fleddermann
as Lea

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